Renting A Storage Unit? Know What To Look For

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Are you unsure about what to look for in a self-storage unit? These tips will help you make a good decision. 


The first thing that you should ask yourself is how often you need to access the storage unit, and when you are able to get into it. That is because many storage units are different when it comes to when you can access your unit. Some have a facility that is open 24/7, while others have specific hours. Does the facility have access that works for you, or will it be problematic? Always make sure that you know how you can access your unit, because you don't want to be in a situation to find that the facility is closed or you have to wait until the next morning because you didn't pay attention to the hours when signing up. 


Another big factor is going to be the storage unit's location, which is really based on how often you need to access your belongings. Is the drive far enough that it is inconvenient? Is it located on your way to and from work? Having a storage unit to give you some extra square footage can be great, but not if you find it a burden to get to the storage facility

Ease Of Entry

Look at how easy it will be to get things in and out of your storage unit. If it is an outdoor unit, you can likely just drive right up to the door and unload your belongings. However, indoor units with climate controls are going to be a bit different. Are there carts and dollies on site that you can borrow to get things to your storage unit? Do you need to take an elevator to get to a different floor? These may seem like minor things, but it can really be inconvenient if it doesn't work for you.


Find out how the billing and contract works for your storage unit, since every place is different. Can you have it automatically charged to a credit card each month, or do you have to make a payment online? How much notice do you need to give before you cancel your contract? The convenience of paying and canceling the storage unit could make a big difference to you when you start comparing storage units. 

Reach out to a local storage facility to find out more info about what they offer.