How To Pack Glass Items For A Move

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Glass is considered to be one of the most fragile materials, which is why many people are apprehensive about transporting glass items. However, with good packing, handling and care, you can move with your glass items without damaging them. You just need to adopt these measures to ensure this is the case:

Ensure Adequate Cushioning

Adequate cushioning materials are needed to prevent the glasses from clanging against each other and breaking. Suitable cushioning materials include things like bubble wrap, packing paper, towels, and dish towels, among others. The cushioning materials will be used between individual glasses and on top of the packed boxes.

Wrap Them Individually

Packed glasses can easily crack if they are allowed to touch each other directly. In such a case, any small movement of the glasses can make the glasses clang against each other and break. Prevent this from happening by wrapping them individually with suitable materials that can absorb the impact of the glasses and prevent breakage.

Leave Some Room at the Top

Don't pack glass boxes to the top i.e. the glasses should not sit flush with the top of the boxes. Leave some room at the top so that you can fill it up with cushioning materials. This means you should not buy moving boxes that are of the exact same height as your glasses; the boxes should be slightly bigger than the glasses to leave room for the cushioning materials.

Don't Pack Heavy Boxes

Your packed boxes should not be too heavy. Pack them light for ease of handling; packing extremely heavy boxes increases the risk of accidents during loading or unloading. This means you shouldn't use huge boxes; go for small to medium boxes that won't be too heavy when packed.

Don't Mix With Other Items

Ideally, each box of packed glasses should have nothing but the glasses. Mixing glasses with other items, such as small other cutlery, is a recipe for disaster because the other items can knock against the glasses and damage them. Not only that, but the packed boxes will be more compact, and safe, if they contain similarly sized items.

Use Sturdy Boxes

Lastly, it would be great if your moving boxes (for the glasses) are sturdy and don't deform easily. That way you won't have to worry about small knocks and bumps that may deform light boxes and crack your glasses.

Of course, if you aren't confident of packing your glass items on your own, you can just hire professional residential mover services to handle things on your behalf.