Things You Should Pack For Easy Retrieval When Moving

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Your packing methods can either add or subtract to the stress of moving. For example, you should be careful how you pack essential things that you will need as soon as you arrive at your new place. You need to pack such essentials separately and ensure that you can retrieve them without rummaging through everything. Here are a few examples of essentials that deserve this treatment:


These are things you will definitely use on your first day at your new home, even as soon as you arrive. Therefore, remember to pack them in a separate box or boxes that are clearly marked and can be easily accessed. If you aren't carrying everything from your current house, focus on those things you will need immediately when you arrive in your new place. For example, you don't have to carry the bathroom brush since you probably won't be scrubbing anything on your first day. However, you need things like tissue paper, soap, toothbrush, and towels, among others.

Chargers and Batteries

There are high chances that your gadgets will be having depleted batteries by the time you arrive at your destination. Therefore, pack the chargers for your laptops, iPads, and phones so that you can use them when you arrive without having to unpack all of your luggage. If you have gadgets that use batteries, such as flashlights, remember to pack the batteries too.


You may also need an assortment of tools on your first day at your new place. For example, you need a utility knife to open the boxes. You may also need a measuring tape to help you determine the fit of different kinds of stuff without having to actually carry the items first. Therefore, collect your screwdrivers, utility knife, and measuring tape (among other tools) and pack them in such a way that you can easily locate them upon arrival.

Basic Cleaning Materials

Lastly, it's also a good idea to pack basic cleaning supplies for easy retrieval. Some of your items may be dusty by the time you arrive, and your house may also not be as spotless as you would wish. Most of the things (including the essentials) are likely to get dirty during packing. This will save you from having to work on a dusty kitchen counter, use dirty dishes, or hang your clothes in dusty closets.

Many moving companies offer packing supplies and services for their clients. You can include them in your moving cost to help your moving day run without any hitch and reduce the level of stress associated with moving.