Preparing To Move As A Stay-At-Home Parent? 3 Helpful Tips For Working With Movers

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Although the process of moving is straightforward, each person has their own experience. If you are a stay-at-home parent, you are going to have a certain perspective of moving compared to someone who is moving because of their job and having a moving company handling every aspect of the process. If you know that you will be working with movers to some extent, you should take initiative when it comes to working with them because you will have the easiest opportunity to work with them for organizing.

Find the Ideal Time to Get Things Done

It is important to determine when you will be able to do the most work over the course of several weeks or months. As a stay-at-home parent, the most likely time is while your children are at school. Your spouse may be at work during this time, which allows you to plan out the entire move around these hours. So, you can start calling moving companies like Roger's Moving Service for a written estimate and a walk through of your home.

Start Working as Early as Possible

The best way to move with minimal stress is to start early. This means you should start talking to movers as soon as you find out that you are going to move. It will be easier to spend an hour or two each weekday organizing and even packing your possessions than to rush it all at the end. You will also find that this is the most reliable way to avoid injuring yourself if you decide to undertake much of the packing process.

Coordinate with the Future in Mind

It is easy to think about the move alone and not so much about the timing. But, you should try to organize a situation in which the move happens at a convenient time for both your children and your spouse. This means giving your children time to adjust to their new home before having to go to school. It may be unavoidable to move during the summer when they will be able to start the new year at a new school, but you can try to make it happen during winter break or spring break to minimize the stress. You will also want to coordinate with your spouse so that they can start working as soon as the move happens. This is something you will want to discuss with the movers early on to guarantee help from movers you like.

Coordinating early on with movers and with these tips in mind should lead to a fairly easy move.