Picking A Quality Self Storge Unit

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It can be a very very hard to know where to store your belongings, and there are many times that storage is important. It does not matter if you are going to be storing your belongings for a short or a very long period of time, you want to make sure that your things are in a safe location. Not all self storage units are created equal, and you are going to want to make sure that your stuff is in a very secure location. Here are a few tips on how to choose a good self storage unit. 

Outside Security Protection

There are many different types of storage units, but one thing you should look for no matter what is the outside security measures. You want to make sure that there is not just a fence that is keeping burglars from breaking into the storage units. Try to find a storage unit that has many different security measures in place to help protect your belongings. Security cameras, razor wire, and other types of defenses are very good at safeguarding against a burglar that is trying to get into a storage unit. A storage unit like Security Self Storage with added security measures is much less likely to get broken into one that is protected by a fence only.

Weather Proof

If you choose to pick a self storage unit that is outside, you want to make sure that the unit is completely weather proof. When you are inspecting the storage unit look for any signs of standing water or leaks. It is also a good idea to try and insect the storage unit after a big rainstorm. If you were not able to inspect the unit beforehand, Make sure that you inspect your belongings shortly after a or snowstorm. It is better to take the time to inspect your belongings than to lose some due to water damage.

Pest Proof

When you look at the storage unit make sure that the area around the unit is clean and tidy. A storage facility whether inside or outside that is messy or unkempt can be a haven for rodents and other pests. You want to make sure that your storage unit is pretty much rodent proof. It is also very advisable not to store anything that could potentially attract different pests. Also ask if the storage facility manager sprays for pests.